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Home under water due to a flood

Flood Insurance 101

By Sean Ryan

Flood insurance has many misconceptions, so we are here to try to clear up all of them. Below are some of the common questions that we come across. We will go over everything from the different types of policies available to items that will affect your premium. There are many policies you can...

Nurse Job Title

Can Your Job Title Impact Your Car Insurance?

By Barbara Dunn

Getting a car insurance quote can be overwhelming. You receive numerous advertisements from a variety of companies by mail, email and let's not forget those hilarious commercials. Each carrier offers a unique incentive. They also give you so many options with varying limits and coverages. Let's...

cardboard cut-outs of a family, home and automobile

Life Insurance – Having the Right Coverage at the Right Time

By Evelyn Galiano

Death is an uncomfortable discussion topic, especially when it comes to talking about your death or the death of someone you love. However, death is one of the few guarantees in life. Life insurance helps protect your loved ones when it impacts your family. Not all life insurance is the same....


How Open Enrollment Works: Your Questions Answered

By Jennifer Rossolillo

It's that time of year again—that short period when you need to make crucial decisions about your health insurance plan for the year ahead. Here are answers to your most pressing open enrollment questions to help you navigate the process and its various nuances with less stress. What does open...

Hands holding a paper cut out of a family

Life Insurance 101

By Connie Tahinos

Life insurance can be overwhelming and is not always the most comfortable topic to discuss with your loved ones. You probably have many questions: What type of life insurance coverage should you have? At what age should you get life insurance? How much should you pay for life insurance? What...

dumbbells on a rack

Gym Insurance Policy Factors: What You Need to Know

By Kristin Ryan

As a gym owner, you are exposed to more risk than many other businesses due to the nature of the services you offer. You may not realize the dangers your gym poses just by its operation, but the risks are real. Under your roof, people engage in strenuous activity with high-intensity workouts,...

street view of a hi-rise apartment building

A Guide to Condo Association Insurance Policies

By Alan Zollo

Many people find condominium living an ideal situation, as they can enjoy the benefits of ownership with the ability to rely on a condo association to maintain everything outside their home—including insurance. More specifically, most homeowners’ associations, or HOAs, are responsible for...


Why You Should Use A Local Insurance Agent

By Jamie Nielsen, Jr.

As a local insurance agent ourselves, we are commonly asked why you should use a local insurance agent. There are many reasons why using a local insurance agent is a great way to go when considering buying or changing insurance providers. But, before answering your question, which this article...

hands holding Family-Cutout

When Should I Get Life Insurance?

By Yocasta Garcia

The insurance industry is based on the almighty “What If” scenario. We never know when something terrible is going to happen to our family, home, business, car, etc. – but if you are forward-thinking, you know it is imperative to insure the prized possessions in your life. One of the most...

hands holding a house

Homeowners Insurance in NJ: What’s Covered and What’s Not?

By Shany Arroyo

If you’re like most homeowners, your house is your most valuable asset. One of life’s greatest financial and emotional investments, your home is a safe haven and comfort zone. It’s where you spend most of your money and most of your time. But do you know what it takes to safeguard your...