About Hanson & Ryan, A Top-Rated New Jersey Insurance Company

At Hanson & Ryan, our mission has remained the same since we opened our doors in 1876. We work diligently to protect the community by teaming up with reliable partners who will seamlessly provide superior coverage and service that is individualized based on each client’s unique, specific needs.

Our Why

People often ask what makes Hanson & Ryan different than all of the other local insurance agencies. The answer is simple: it’s the relationship we build both internally and externally. Our team of insurance experts truly are a family. Since we spend countless hours together, we know we are lucky to genuinely enjoy each other’s company within our strong company culture.  

Additionally, these fantastic working relationships extend to our partners, vendors, carriers, association, and the community as a whole. We understand the importance of collaboration, and if you choose Hanson & Ryan as your insurance agency, you will quickly see the amazing results these collaborative efforts yield. Keep reading about Hanson and Ryan’s philosophy

Since our origin in 1876, Hanson & Ryan has seen considerable changes throughout the decades. Of course, with over 140 years of continued experience within the insurance industry, change is to be expected. However, the team at Hanson & Ryan has continually and tirelessly confronted these changes head-on, and we’ve always come out victorious. 

Did you know that throughout the years, we have gone through multiple name iterations, before settling on Hanson & Ryan. In years past, we have been known as Eugene H. Olden Agency, Olden & Hanson, Inc., and Olden-Hanson & Ryan, Inc. However, once changing our name to Hanson & Ryan, Inc., in 1958, our name has remained the same. Click here for more information about the history of Hanson & Ryan, Inc. and to view our interactive timeline.

Our Team

At Hanson & Ryan, we understand that we are only as good as our weakest link. Thankfully for our, our entire team of insurance agents are experts in their respective fields. With 14 agents dedicated to Commercial Lines, 6 agents solely focused on Benefits Services, 5 agents entirely focused on Personal Lines, and our fantastic administrative staff, the team at Hanson & Ryan are not only completely dedicated to our work, but we have grown together as a family. Click here for additional information about each Hanson & Ryan team member, including their personalized biographies. 

Our Philanthropic Efforts

With our mission being to protect the community as best as possible, the team at Hanson & Ryan continues to regularly take part in charity events and donate to countless nonprofit organizations. We support local organizations like Ethan & the Bean, the YMCA of Paterson, Wayne Animal Shelter, Camp Sunshine Camp Snowflake, and Totowa Stitchers, in addition to national organizations like Red Nose Day. 

Each Friday, Hanson & Ryan takes part in Blue Jean Friday, which has consistently proven to be a great charitable fund-raising event. Thanks to our generous and thoughtful employees, these Blue Jean Fridays have helped us raise a considerable amount of money each year. What’s even better is that Hanson & Ryan matches the amount we are able to earn collectively, helping us give back even more. Click here for more information about our philanthropic efforts. 

Hanson & Ryan is Here for You

The entire team at Hanson & Ryan is dedicated to helping you. We want each and every one of our clients to sleep soundly, knowing that they are working with a trusted partner will protect and support them no matter what. If you’d like to get in contact with Hanson & Ryan to see how we can best serve you, consider filling out our contact form