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What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. And while riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating way to travel, it also comes with significant safety risks. In recent years, motorcycles have become more popular than ever in the U.S., with 8.32 million registered motorcycles on the roads today.1 If...

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Homeowners Insurance in NJ: What’s Covered and What’s Not?

If you’re like most homeowners, your house is your most valuable asset. One of life’s greatest financial and emotional investments, your home is a safe haven and comfort zone. It’s where you spend most of your money and most of your time. But do you know what it takes to safeguard your...

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Can Your Job Title Impact Your Car Insurance?

Getting a car insurance quote can be overwhelming. You receive numerous advertisements from a variety of companies by mail, email and let's not forget those hilarious commercials. Each carrier offers a unique incentive. They also give you so many options with varying limits and coverages. Let's...

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Flood Insurance 101

Flood insurance has many misconceptions, so we are here to try to clear up all of them. Below are some of the common questions that we come across. We will go over everything from the different types of policies available to items that will affect your premium. There are many policies you can...


Homeowner’s Insurance Guide for Beginners

You are ready to buy a house and it’s an exciting time. But navigating the homebuying process and all its many nuances can feel daunting, particularly for a first-time homebuyer. There are so many elements to weigh, like resale value, neighborhood, property taxes, school district—and, of...

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Conducting an Annual Personal Insurance Review

Each year it is important to have a review of your personal insurance policies to make sure they are up to date and are covering some of your most precious assets properly. Follow our tips below for making sure all your personal policies fit your needs. Annual Insurance Review Tips As we all know...

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How Important is Pet Insurance?

As a dog or cat owner, you likely think of your fur baby as a cherished family member. If you’re like most pet owners, you’d be willing to do just about anything to keep your four-legged companion healthy and safe—but there’s only so much you can control. Sure, you can feed them the best...

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Valuable Items Coverage – Everything You Need to Know

Valuable Items Coverage provides a specific amount of insurance for some of your most valuable items in your home. Most people associate this coverage with jewelry, but that is not the case. Valuable Items Coverage provides insurance coverage for Jewelry, Furs, Guns, Fine Art, Cameras, Musical...

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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance is an insurance policy you purchase that provides additional liability coverage above the liability coverage that is listed on your auto, homeowners/renters/dwelling, and boat insurance policies. You may be asking yourself “Why would I need an Umbrella Insurance...

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Help, I Inherited a House! What Now?

You’ve just inherited a house, or you are an executor of the estate. You weren’t expecting this, and you didn’t ask for it, yet here you are. With the added liability and property damage risk associated with this newly inherited home, how can you be sure you have the right coverage in place...