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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Insurance is an insurance policy you purchase that provides additional liability coverage above the liability coverage that is listed on your auto, homeowners/renters/dwelling, and boat insurance policies. You may be asking yourself “Why would I need an Umbrella Insurance...

woman holding house and keys

Help, I Inherited a House! What Now?

You’ve just inherited a house, or you are an executor of the estate. You weren’t expecting this, and you didn’t ask for it, yet here you are. With the added liability and property damage risk associated with this newly inherited home, how can you be sure you have the right coverage in place...

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Recreational Insurance Coverage: Are Your Summer “Toys” Properly Insured?

It’s that time of the year again: Relaxing days at the beach, summer road trips, and fun in the sun! It all sounds great, but before you decide to set sail on your new boat or take that motorcycle trip with your friends, you need to make sure your recreational “toys” are properly...

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Do I Need Insurance for My Wedding or Special Event?

Your special day is approaching, and even though you may think that everything will go as planned, the reality is that life happens, and unfortunate situations can and sometimes do occur. Considering an average wedding in the U.S. costs upwards of $30,000 – a significant financial investment! –...

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The Ins & Outs of Classic Car Insurance

For many car lovers, owning a classic vehicle is a dream come true. If you are lucky enough, you need to make sure it is covered properly in case of any unforeseen incidents. To protect your valuable possession, you need to purchase classic car insurance. What Is Classic Car Insurance? Classic...

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When to Add a Child to Your Auto Policy

The inevitable is here - your child is getting their learner’s permit. Did we just hear you scream in fear? We know this is a new adventure – filled with exhilaration and trepidation. But what does this mean for your auto insurance policy? Hanson & Ryan Inc. has been in the insurance...


Sewer Backup Insurance

It is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares – you walk into a room in your home and hear your feet sloshing on wet carpet and see water pooling in the corners. Questions flow through your mind. What happened? What is that smell? Where is the water coming from? How much is it going to cost to...


Hanson & Ryan Answer Your Business Insurance Questions

Michael Murphy of Hanson & Ryan, Inc.’s Commercial Insurance Department and Mark Fontanella of the Health and Benefits Department discuss what type of insurance policy they would recommend for your business to ensure you are covered no matter the circumstance.Read more...

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Is Your Tattoo Shop Covered?

Reggie Stoddard of Hanson & Ryan, Inc.’s Business Insurance Department and Mark Fontanella of their Health and Benefits Department answer FAQs about the proper coverage for a tattoo shop. Nearly all of these businesses are small and privately owned, so it is important to protect your shop with a...

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Is Your Business Protected from Liquor Liability?

Did you know that in some states, bars and restaurants can be held liable for injuries or death caused by an intoxicated person to whom they served alcohol? It’s called the Dram Shop Law—and it allows the victim of an intoxicated person to sue not only the perpetrator of the wrongdoing but also...