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Team members dressed in 1950s attire pose in front of a classic car

The Ins & Outs of Classic Car Insurance

By Yocasta Garcia

For many car lovers, owning a classic vehicle is a dream come true. If you are lucky enough, you need to make sure it is covered properly in case of any unforeseen incidents. To protect your valuable possession, you need to purchase classic car insurance. What Is Classic Car Insurance? Classic...

man holding hands over family cutout

Personal Umbrella Insurance

By Evelyn Galiano

Personal Umbrella Insurance is an insurance policy you purchase that provides additional liability coverage above the liability coverage that is listed on your auto, homeowners/renters/dwelling, and boat insurance policies. You may be asking yourself “Why would I need an Umbrella Insurance...

Black and white jewelry with colored ring

Valuable Items Coverage – Everything You Need to Know

By Connie Tahinos

Valuable Items Coverage provides a specific amount of insurance for some of your most valuable items in your home. Most people associate this coverage with jewelry, but that is not the case. Valuable Items Coverage provides insurance coverage for Jewelry, Furs, Guns, Fine Art, Cameras, Musical...


Podcast: Protection Planning. Lead with a WHY

By Mark Fontanella

Hanson & Ryan's Mark Fontanella joins The Confident Retirement Podcast with Kris Flammang and Mark Picchi to discuss challenges that clients need to be aware of and think about when getting the proper coverage for their health and personal needs. Listen to learn more about open enrollment,...


What is the Property Coinsurance Clause, and How Does it Apply to You?

By Sean Ryan

The property coinsurance clause found in many commercial and personal insurance policies is a source of great confusion for many policyholders. Yet knowing exactly what it is and how it applies to your policy is vital to ensuring you are accurately insured. The last thing you want is to find out at...

Beach houses

Insuring Your Vacation Home in New Jersey

By Yocasta Garcia

Buying a vacation home is a dream come true for many, and like anything else that matters to you, you want to make sure it is protected. It is just as important to have insurance for a vacation property as it is to have it for your primary residence. And while some aspects of insuring your vacation...