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Winter storm and snow covering a home

Prepare for a Winter Storm (Personal)

This guide from FEMA is designed to help you properly prepare for a winter storm and know how to protect yourself before, during, and after one.Read more...

Snow hazard warning sign

Prepare your Organization for a Winter Storm (Business)

This Playbook provides you, as an employer, with tools and resources to discuss and practice plans and safety measures to improve resilience during winter storms.Read more...

Hands over home and property coverage

Property Coverage Forms

There are 3 main coverage forms used on property policies: Basic Broad and Special. Special is used most often as it provides extremely broad coverage. Basically, any physical event that causes loss or damage to covered property is covered unless it is modified elsewhere by...


FEMA Flood Map Service Center

The FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) is the official public source for flood hazard information produced in support of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Use the MSC to find your official flood map, access a range of other flood hazard products, and take advantage of tools for better...

Hurricane Season sign

Be Ready for Hurricane Season

A hurricane is a huge storm that can be up to 600 miles across and have strong winds spiraling inward and upward at speeds of 75 to 200 mph.Read more...

Hands holding a paper cut out of a family

Life Insurance 101

Life insurance can be overwhelming and is not always the most comfortable topic to discuss with your loved ones. You probably have many questions: What type of life insurance coverage should you have? At what age should you get life insurance? How much should you pay for life insurance? What...

Letter tiles spelling out the word "glossary"


Confused with some of the words used in the insurance world? Here are some short definitions to help you on your way. Read more...

Emergency preparation checklist lists off important survival items like water containers, first aid kid, torch, battery operated radio, batteries, tined food (non-perishable), can opener, and dust masks.

Emergency Supply List

All Americans should have some basic supplies on hand in order to survive for at least three days if an emergency occurs. Following is a list of some basic items that every emergency supply kit should include.Read more...

Security lock on data board

Data Breach – Steps To Recover

You had an identity breach, what do you do now? Here is some guidance to recover from the Federal Trade Commission. Read more...

security on a computer

Cyber Risk Pressure Test

When it comes to cyber risk, there is a lot at stake: data, customers, reputation and a businesses’ bottom line. This brief interactive quiz is designed to help companies and organizations quickly evaluate and identify pressure points in their cyber risk management strategy.Read more...