Roxanne Campione

Roxanne Campione



Graduating with a degree in sociology Roxanne has always wanted to help people. Finding a career in the insurance industry and a home with Hanson & Ryan Roxanne can do just that. She assists people in times of crisis and helps them be prepare for a safe and secure future.

Roxanne has an extensive 19 year career as a claims representative and serves as an advocate for her clients. Clients constantly share their positive experience and the impact Roxanne has had in facilitating the claim process and finding a smooth and seemingly effortless solution.

Roxanne was born and raised in Northern Jersey with a strong Italian heritage. She has a large close-knit family that spends a lot of time together. Roxanne competes in gymnastics and bodybuilding on a national level.

Don’t take your eye off Roxanne because she is a classified NRA sharpshooter.