John Schaeffer

Personal Lines / Benefits

John graduated Ocean County College in December of 2007 with an associates degree in criminal justice. In 2009 John moved down to Virginia to start his career as a corrections officer and lived there for 5 years but always knew his home was in NJ and moved back in 2014. After trying out jobs in a few different fields John found himself immersed in the insurance world. John spent a few years at a Life Insurance agency but eventually realized he wanted to do more then just life insurance so he made the switch over to Hanson & Ryan and begin his career as a more rounded agent.

John primarily focuses on personal lines insurance and still does life insurance as well. He likes to think of it as a major in personal lines with a minor in life insurance. John consistently tells his clients it’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it…so yes you do need that endorsement.

John currently lives in Cedar Grove with his wife and two daughters and his smelly English bulldog Blue. He loves spending time with his family and tries to get to as many local breweries as he can. John enjoys watching the Yankees and watching the Jets find new ways to lose every year.

John can drink a pint of beer in under 3 seconds.