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Allen Mix

Benefits Services


After 25 years in the health insurance/employee benefits field, Allen joined the team at Hanson & Ryan in 2015. Formerly an Account Executive focusing on large (1,000+ employees) organizations, he has made the switch to serving small firms and individuals, focusing on the Medicare market.

Drawing on his days as a managerial analyst for an international airline, he strives to get the most value from every premium dollar. Whether it’s a firm staffed by 50 engineers, or a single parent, he always is looking for what is truly best for his clients. “I follow the golden rule, and take a personal approach to advising all his customers. I put myself in the client’s shoes.”

Allen and his late wife of 38 years, Robbin, raised their daughter in Little Falls, before moving to Wayne, 5 years ago. While in Little Falls he served on the Recreation Commission for 4 years, was elected to the Board of Education for 12 years. He later became the founding president of the Passaic Valley High School Education Foundation. No longer a marathon runner  (best time 2:59:15), Allen now relaxes by hanging out with his furry friend, Annie, a Pomeranian.

Fun Fact: North Dakota and Alaska are the only states Allen has not visited.