Hanson & Ryan Answer Your Business Insurance Questions

By Michael Murphy


Michael Murphy of Hanson & Ryan, Inc.’s Commercial Insurance Department and Mark Fontanella of the Health and Benefits Department discuss what type of insurance policy they would recommend for your business to ensure you are covered no matter the circumstance.

What type of insurance is best for my business?

In this video, Mike and Mark run through a scenario where the business has two brothers in the contracting business (hence 2 Brothers Contracting) with six full time and two part time employees. The brothers are 50/50 owners of the business. In this scenario, Mike identifies three main types of coverage to consider across the board with additional options that may be specific to 2 Brothers Contracting. For this business, Mike recommends Business and Commercial Insurance, as well as Commercial Auto, General Liability, and a Worker’s Compensation policy in the event of an injury on the job since it is primarily manual labor, and a possible inland marine policy to cover tools and equipment, too. Mike also recommends a Hired and Non-Owned auto policy to all business owners. This policy protects your business should an employee have an accident in a company vehicle.

Mike’s knowledge about Commercial Insurance is vast, but we want our clients and future clients to know that there are 40 other employees at Hanson & Ryan that may know the answer to any insurance questions you might have!

What type of health insurance should I offer my employees?

Mark covers the basics on adding a small group health plan for employees and explains the tax benefits of offering health insurance on a company-wide basis. Mark also highlights the benefits of adding a Group Life Insurance policy to your plan and potentially adding a disability plan to the company in the event that someone injures themselves and cannot work until they recover.

Mike and Mark also went over the simple process of keeping your insurance policy the same and easily bringing the policy over to Hanson & Ryan via a Broker of Record form!

At Hanson & Ryan, we work hard to earn your trust – and we will not stop until you are satisfied!