2021 Year in Philanthropy Review

By Carol Voorhis


“We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something” – Mother Teresa

Giving back is a core value at Hanson & Ryan, Inc. We are always looking for ways to give back to the local communities and help in any ways we can. Our main charitable fund-raising yearlong event with our employees is “Blue Jean Fridays”, which allows each employee the opportunity to wear nice blue jeans to work on Fridays for a donation of $10 each month. This upcoming year we have expanded our “Blue Jean Fridays” to include allow employees to wear nice blue jeans another day of the week of their choosing if they donate $20 each month. Hanson & Ryan also matches whatever the employees raise. With over 30 associates, throughout the year we are able to donate to various additional charities in addition to our yearly chosen philanthropy. Each year the employees of Hanson & Ryan nominate a charitable cause who is one of our insureds, we then collectively decide who will be that upcoming year’s recipient of our yearly philanthropy.

Our 2021 nominee was Ethan and the Bean, we chose to work with Ethan and the Bean for a second year in a row as for most of 2020 the café was temporarily closed due to the pandemic. We felt like we were not able to support the café as we fully could, collectively Hanson & Ryan agreed to support Ethan and the Bean in 2021. This past year we were able to support the café by ordering pre-packaged ground coffee bags to give out to our clients that were branded for Hanson & Ryan, make purchases of Ethan and the Bean branded items, and place weekly orders of coffee and pastries to provide to our clients and local law enforcement as a thank you.

The town of Totowa hosts an annual Turkey Trot 5K, this year Hanson & Ryan’s James Rini ran and raised funds for the American Cancer Society. We were more than happy to support and donate to James’s cause.

At Hanson & Ryan we also donate to other charitable organizations annually as each mean something special to each one of us:

  • Autism Awareness
  • Red Nose Day
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Local Fire & Police Organizations

Hanson & Ryan also works with the Totowa Stitches which is a local knitting group. The lovely ladies of the knitting group meet weekly at the Totowa Library and knit blankets, hats, scarfs and much more all of which in turn is given to us to donate to a charity of our choosing. We donate money to the Totowa Stitches so they can purchase knitting supplies such as yarn and knitting needles and more.

We cannot wait to make 2022 just as successful!