Worker's Compensation Insurance

Every business has an obligation to provide benefits protection for its employees who are injured in the course of performing their job functions. Most states require by law that an employer carry this necessary workers compensation insurance and employers liability. There are very stiff fines for even first time offenders. The rules are different and often difficult to understand for sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations. Let the business professionals at Hanson & Ryan make sure that your business is compliant with the local laws.


Below are some of the services you will receive at Hanson & Ryan:

  • Review your policy to see that the proper classifications and payrolls are applied and to make sure that you are not over paying on your workers compensation premiums.
  • We can protect your workers in NJ as well as the rest of the 50 states and worldwide, when applicable. 
  • We have an in house accountant that will help guide you through the audit process at the end of each term. 
  • Help establish a Workplace Safety and Return to Work policies, which can help lower your Workers Compensation costs.
  • Monitor and correct Experience Modification factors, which can help reduce your annual premiums.
  • Our clients also have access to numerous employee safety materials and state-specific employer requirements.


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Reporting Workers Compensation Claims

OSHA Recordable Incident Advisor - Not every injury or workers' compensation claim needs to be reported to OSHA. Use the advisor to determine if an injury or incident needs to be logged, based on current OSHA recordkeeping requirements.