Recreation Vehicle

Many insured’s today have their “toys”, RV’s/Motor Homes, Trailers, Motorcycles, ATV’s, and Classic/Antique Cars. Some homeowner and standard auto policies cover these items but not with the proper protection leaving you with gaps in your coverage.

Hanson & Ryan works with companies that specialize in covering these items with the proper coverage, eliminating gaps and providing you with an insurance carrier that specializes in how to insure these products.

RV’s/Motor Homes/Travel Trailers

Our carriers provide the comprehensive coverage you are looking for when it comes to covering these items. Such as attached accessories, emergency expenses, vacation liability, they also know the proper value of these vehicles and can offer the proper replacement cost coverage you need.


To many motorcycle owners their bikes are their babies, so why not insure them that way? Our agency has some of the top carriers in insuring motorcycles with the proper coverage and at a competitive rate. Replacement Cost Coverage, Safety Apparel Coverage, Optional Equipment Coverage are some of the added protection these carriers can supply – not to mention premium saving discounts.


Like the motorcycle coverage our ATV carriers offer a broad array of protection and discounts for owners.

Classic Cars

lf you own an antique, classic, muscle car, street rod, as well as a custom, sports car, or exotic vehicle you may be eligible for antique or classic car coverage.

What is this coverage you ask? This coverage is to protect your classic/collector vehicle for its proper value. A standard auto insurance policy that covers your primary everyday vehicles is not going to provide you with the proper coverage you need to cover that special car you own. With a classic car policy you are going to obtain coverage based on an agreed value or stated amount of coverage and at a much better rate.

In order to be eligible there are some main factors that must apply:

  • The vehicle to be covered cannot be your primary everyday car
  • The vehicle must only be used on a limited basis
  • The vehicle must meet company specifications to be eligible for coverage
  • The vehicle must be kept in a fully enclosed locked garage
  • A1l driving records in household must meet company guidelines
  • Al1 drivers in household must have a primary vehicle for their usage