Homeowners Insurance

All of us reside a significant portion of our lives in a home of some kind whether it be a one family house, a town house, condominium, an apartment or multi family dwelling. And these homes are filled with our personal belongings that we have accumulated over the years and continue to accumulate. Losing this home and/or the belongings in it would be catastrophic to our lives, emotionally as well as financially.

A homeowner policy whether it’s for a house, town home, condo, or apartment can protect these items and much more from the various risks that can occur in ones life.

The #1 mistake people make when shopping for home insurance is that they shop on price alone. Price or premium as we call it does not always equal coverage and not all homeowner policies are the same. Many have different endorsements, limits, conditions, and exclusions that only a licensed professional can educate and advise you on.

That’s why using an independent agent is vital to your insurance protection, we can review and evaluate your exposure and offer you the coverage you need at a competitive price.