General Liability Insurance

No matter how large or small your business is, there are different types of liability that are inherent to your ownership. General liability insurance will cover your business for third party losses involving bodily injury, property damage to others, personal injury such as libel or slander, and advertising injury. These losses to another party could develop from the use of your company’s product or simply a slip and fall on your property from a visiting client or even the mailman.

Contractor Liability

Liability insurance for a contracting business has never been more confusing than it is today. With so many construction projects involving multiple subcontractors, how can the proper liability be determined if something goes wrong? Hanson & Ryan can help provide the answers from start to finish. We can review the various contacts and additional insured agreements that every contractor is asked to sign and review prior to work commencing. We provide immediate certificates of insurance round the clock. We make sure the proper liability coverage is in place while the work is being done and long after the project is completed. This way our contracting clients can focus on the bidding process and the work at hand.

Our contractor’s general liability policies include coverage for completed products and operations. We also can provide the following important coverage for a contractor’s insurance portfolio.

  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial excess liability umbrella
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Contractor’s Scheduled Tools and Equipment
  • Pollution
  • Bonding

Please call upon one of our experienced professionals to make sure you are getting the best rates for your contracting business insurance needs. We also can help you review your worker’s comp experience rating and your audits to make sure you are not overpaying on your premiums.


There are some lawsuits that can hinder your business. There are other lawsuits that can cripple it. If your business is sued for pollution and you don’t have the right coverage, it is doubtful you will be working next year.

Environmental negligence and pollution issues can stem from a myriad of sources. It can be a simple as your fuel tank leaking and contaminating the property or as complicated as your consulting work for a subcontractor eventually dragging you into a pollution suit.

Most of these lawsuits name every individual ever involved in a project. So even if you are a non-environmental contractor, you could be held liable. At the very least, you will need a legal defense if you are named in the suit to prove you are not negligent.

This is where Hanson & Ryan can help to tailor a policy that includes environmental and pollution liability. If your risk is very minor, you may choose to save these premiums. However, it is recommended that you discuss your options with one of our insurance professionals. They have years of experience in this area and our agency represents a number of carriers that offer various inexpensive options for defense and liability coverage.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

Studies have recently shown that a business owner is four times as likely to be sued by one of their employees than by one of their customers. This is an alarming statistic since almost all companies carry liability coverage to protect themselves from a suit by a client, but only 10% carry the coverage to defend an employee suit.

Employment practices liability insurance commonly known as EPLI has been designed to protect an employer from disgruntled employees who could sue for various reasons such as hiring and firing practices, discrimination, wrongful promotion, and sexual harassment just to name a few. These suits are typically very costly to defend and are not easily settled. The wrong thing to do is to offer to settle out of court with an employee as it could create a domino effect for a company with other employees coming forward.

Our agency can offer you a top of the line insurance contract not only to help defend and cover any potential claims, but to help give you advice on how to handle a situation to protect you should things get ugly. With the partnership or our insurance carriers, we can help you with procedures and develop an office manual that has the proper language to lay the groundwork in defending your claim. Plus most of our carriers have an 800 number you can call to get advice free of charge. The policy premium is typically $100 per employee. Can you afford not to buy this coverage?

Cyber Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Accident & Health