Builders Risk Insurance

New construction of a residential residence or a commercial building needs to be covered under a specialized property form known as a builder’s risk policy. The standard homeowner or commercial building policy will not cover a building until a certificate of occupancy (CO) from the town is granted. Our agency deals with multiple markets to help the general contractor and the owner develop the right policy for the construction project.

The policy not only covers the building as it is being constructed, but also provides for loose materials stored at the jobsite. The policy term can coincide with the length of time of the construction and can also be prorated at times to refund premium should the project finish early. Our agency can then bid the proper homeowner or commercial building coverage needed to replace the builder’s risk policy once a CO is issued.

If you should ever have a need for this coverage, please don’t hesitate to call on our experienced professionals to help guide you through the process and develop a policy to cover the property during the entire construction phase.

Builder's Risk Insurance