Hanson & Ryan Timeline

Found in 1876 Hanson & Ryan has been around for quite some time. Although the name, locations and some players may have changed throughout the years we still remain true to our insured’s. Read more about how we arrived where we are today.

1876 - Then referred to as the Eugene H. Olden Agency located in Paterson, NJ.

1914 - Frank J Hanson joined agency.

1925(May 6th) Changed name to Olden and Hanson, Inc.

1930(Oct. 23rd) Olden passed away leaving Hanson to assume control.

1939Lewis A. Ryan Insurance Agency merged with Olden and Hanson, Inc.

         - Upon Lewis Ryan death James L. Ryan joins the firm

1955(Dec.19) Changed name to Olden-Hanson & Ryan, Inc.

1958(Nov. 20th) Changed name to Hanson & Ryan, Inc.

1960(Nov. 7th) Frank Hanson passed away after 46 years of service to the agency

1961James L Ryan became President

1968office moved from Paterson to Union Blvd, Totowa NJ

1971(Feb) Terry M Ryan (3rd generation of Ryan’s) began work within the agency

1984James L Ryan assumed role as Chief Executive Officer

         – Terry M Ryan was named President and Chief Operating officer

1987(Oct. 13th) James Ryan passed away

1988James Ryan was awarded the Henry A Franz award as he was President of NJ Independent Agents Association.

1988(Oct.30) fire destroyed Union blvd building

1989(July 1st) moved to present location on Lackawanna Ave in Totowa NJ

1989(Sept. 1st) Agency acquired Zester and Company, Inc, (former Paterson insurance agency established in 1926 by William Zester

1993(April 1st) William Zester retired

1996(Sept) Sean M Ryan (4th generation of Ryan’s) join the company

         – (Sept) Hanson & Ryan began to develop its mission and vision to become a trademark for truly professional insurance sales and consultation. Investing in a partnership with TCI/Cablevision, we began to market our agency and it's services comprised of almost 700,000 viewers in Passaic, Bergen, Morris and Essex counties. The agency's name is the most widely recognized independent insurance agency in northern New Jersey.

1997(1997) acquired Fish Insurance Associates (H. Earl Munz Agency)

         - Gained Master Broke contract with Blue Cross of NJ and an existing relationship with nearly 300 Life and Health agents throughout the state.

1997(May 20th) formally incorporated and trademarked the Internet Insurance Agency and began development of our first website

1999www.hanson-ryan.com became a fully operational website

2000 – (August) Carrie A Ryan (4th generation of Ryan’s) join the company

2009 – (August 20th) Hanson & Ryan joins Facebook

2010 – (July) Kristin A Ryan (4th generation of Ryan’s) join the company

2011 – (November 3rd) Hanson & Ryan joins ISU Network

2015 – Hanson & Ryan launches new website

2015 – Silver winner of Insurance Journal's Best Agencies to Work For award in the East region

2017 - Terry Ryan was awarded the Henry A Franz award from the NJ Independent Agents Association

2018 - (June) Hanson & Ryan becomes a women-owned agency

         - Carrie Ryan is named CEO and President

         - Kristin Ryan is named COO and Vice President

Current - In over a century of involvement in the insurance business the Agency has clearly demonstrated its integrity, ability and commitment to its clients, employees, profession and community. That resolve has helped the Agency enjoy the highest respect and reputation in the community and with its peers.