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Company Category Phone Website
ACE ACE Personal 800-433-0385 http://www.acegroup.com/us-en/claims-information/claims-notification-form.aspx
AIG / Chartis AIG / Chartis Personal 866-642-5246 https://www-249.aig.com/login
AIG / Chartis AIG / Chartis Commercial 866-642-5246 https://www-249.aig.com/login
Allstate Allstate Commercial 800-255-7828 http://www.allstate.com/claims.aspx
AmTrust AmTrust Commercial 866-272-9267 https://www.amtrustgroup.com/small-business-insurance/claims/claim-center
Andover Andover Personal 800-225-0770
Andover / Merrimack Andover / Merrimack Commercial 800-225-0770
Appalachian Underwriters Appalachian Underwriters Commercial 888-376-9633 Option 1, then 5
Applied Underwriters Applied Underwriters Commercial 877-234-4420
ARI ARI Commercial 800-820-4506 http://ari-ins.com/claimsform.php
Assurant / American Bankers Assurant / American Bankers Personal 800-245-1505
Cananwill Cananwill Commercial
Chartis / AIG Chartis / AIG Commercial 866-642-5246 https://www-249.aig.com/login
Chubb Chubb Commercial 1-800-252-4670 https://extpws09.chubb.com/ChubbClaims/Extranet/eLoss/Login.aspx
Chubb Chubb Personal 800-252-4670 http://www.chubb.com/businesses/claims/chubb1304.html
CNA CNA Commercial 877-262-2727 http://www.cna.com
Coastal Agents Coastal Agents Personal QBE Specialty: 800-239-0229
Eastern Dentists Insurance Eastern Dentists Insurance Commercial 1-800-898-3342
Employers Employers Commercial 888-682-6671 http://www.employers.com/workers/how_to_report_a_claim.aspx
Fireman's Fund Fireman's Fund Personal 888-347-3428 https://www.firemansfund.com/home/policyholders/claim_center/claim-center/index.html#anchor
Foremost Insurance Group Foremost Insurance Group Personal 1-800-527-3907 Auto:800-274-7865 http://www.foremost.com/claims/file-a-claim.asp
Foremost Insurance Group / Zurich Foremost Insurance Group / Zurich Commercial 1-800-435-7764 https://www.foremost.com/claims/file-a-claim.asp
Franklin Mutual Insurance Company (FMI) Franklin Mutual Insurance Company (FMI) Commercial 800-842-0551 https://www.fmiweb.com/html/claim_form.cfm
Franklin Mutual Insurance Company (FMI) Franklin Mutual Insurance Company (FMI) Personal 800-842-0551 https://www.fmiweb.com/html/claim_form.cfm
G&G Underwriters / Starr Indemnity G&G Underwriters / Starr Indemnity Commercial 800-315-6090
Great American Insurance Group Great American Insurance Group Commercial 800-545-4269 https://www.MyGreatAmerican.gaig.com
Guarantee / Patriot Guarantee / Patriot Commercial 866-479-1554 http://www.pnigroup.com/Claims/Pages/default.aspx
Guard Guard Commercial 1-888-639-2567 https://policyholder.guard.com
Hagerty Hagerty Personal 888-310-8020 https://www.hagerty.com/claim/claim_main.aspx
Hartford Insurance Company Hartford Insurance Company Commercial 800-327-3636 http://www.thehartford.com/
Liberty Mutual / Peerless Liberty Mutual / Peerless Commercial 800-225-2467 http://www.libertymutual.com/claims-insurance
Liberty Mutual / Peerless Liberty Mutual / Peerless Personal 800-225-2467 http://www.libertymutual.com/claims-insurance
Magna Carta / Public Service Mutual Magna Carta / Public Service Mutual Commercial 888-663-7275
Markel Markel Commercial 800-362-7535 http://www.markelinsurance.com/Claims/Pages/Claims2.aspx
Mercury Mercury Personal 800-503-3724 http://www.mercuryinsurance.com/insurance-claims/how-to-file-insurance-claim.html
MetLife MetLife Personal 800-854-6011 https://www.metlife.com/about/corporate-profile/pay-a-bill/claims/index.html
National Flood Insurance Program National Flood Insurance Program Commercial 800-767-4341
New York State Insurance Fund New York State Insurance Fund Commercial 888-875-5790 https://www.nysif.com/efroi/reportaninjuryentry.aspx
NJM NJM Commercial 800-435-7656 http://www.njm.com/Business/Workers-Comp-Insurance-Claims.asp
Palisades / Plymouth Rock Assurance Palisades / Plymouth Rock Assurance Commercial 800-437-3535 http://www.plymouthrocknj.com/claims-assistance
Patriot / Guarantee Patriot / Guarantee Commercial 866-479-1554 http://www.pnigroup.com/Claims/Pages/default.aspx
Peerless / Liberty Mutual Peerless / Liberty Mutual Commercial 800-225-2467 http://www.libertymutual.com/claims-insurance
Philadelphia Philadelphia Commercial 800-765-9749 https://www.phly.com/Claims/ReportClaimForm.aspx
Plymouth Rock Assurance / Palisades Plymouth Rock Assurance / Palisades Commercial 800-437-3535 http://www.plymouthrocknj.com/claims-assistance
Plymouth Rock Assurance / Palisades Plymouth Rock Assurance / Palisades Personal 800-437-3535 http://www.plymouthrocknj.com/claims-assistance
Princeton Insurance Princeton Insurance Commercial 800-334-0588 https://www.princetoninsurance.com/pinsco/NJ/Claims
Progressive Progressive Commercial 800-274-4499 http://www.progressive.com/claims/
Progressive Progressive Personal 800-274-4499 http://www.progressive.com/claims
Rochdale / AmTrust Rochdale / AmTrust Commercial 866-272-9267 https://www.amtrustgroup.com/small-business-insurance/claims/claim-center
Selective Flood Selective Flood Commercial 877-348-0552 http://MySelectiveFlood.com/
Selective Flood Selective Flood Personal 877-348-0552 http://www.MySelectiveFlood.com/
Selective Insurance Company Selective Insurance Company Personal 866-455-9969 https://customer1.selectiveinsurance.com/WebApplications/Claims/CSS/CSS_RAC_Qs/CSS_Public_Qs.aspx
Selective Insurance Company Selective Insurance Company Commercial 866-455-9969 https://customer1.selectiveinsurance.com/WebApplications/Claims/CSS/CSS_RAC_Qs/CSS_Public_Qs.aspx
Tower Tower Commercial 888-856-5522
Travelers Travelers Commercial 800-252-4633 http://www.travelers.com/
Travelers Travelers Personal 800-252-4633 http://www.travelers.com/
UPC Insurance UPC Insurance Personal 888-256-3378 https://www.upcinsurance.com/claims
US Assure US Assure Commercial 800-987-3373
USLI USLI Commercial 888-875-5231 https://ezpay.usli.com/Policy/ReportClaim/
USLI USLI Personal 888-875-5231 https://ezpay.usli.com/Policy/ReportClaim/
Western Surety - C N A Surety Western Surety - C N A Surety Commercial 877-672-6115
Zenith Zenith Commercial 800-440-5020 http://www.thezenith.com/claimcenter/wc/page23074.html
Zurich / Foremost Insurance Group Zurich / Foremost Insurance Group Commercial 1-800-435-7764 https://www.foremost.com/claims/file-a-claim.asp

Claims 101»


  1. Remain calm. 
  2. If there are any injuries get medical attention right away.
  3. Contact the local police department to respond to the scene and write up a police report.  They will take a statement from you and any other driver involved.
  4. If your vehicle has to be towed from the scene, be sure to get the information of the towing company and the location they are bringing your vehicle.
  5. If your vehicle is still drivable, you may obtain an estimate from a body shop or dealership of your choice, at your convenience.
  6. Report the accident to our agency in a timely manner.  It is better to notify us as soon as possible rather than wait.
  7. We will discuss your deductible and your available options for having your vehicle repaired, including if a rental vehicle will be needed.
  8. If you would like the claim reported, we will call it in to the carrier and obtain a claim number and adjuster’s information.
  9. The adjuster will contact you within one business day to set up a time to inspect the vehicle (if need be) or they will request a copy of the estimate you have already obtained.
  10. Once the estimate is approved, the adjuster will issue payment to you or to the body shop of your choice.


  1. Determine the date that the incident occurred.  If that is unknown, please record what date it was discovered.
  2. Take photos of all visible damage – this includes areas of the building, contents that may have been damaged or the source of the problem (ie: leak, fire, wind damage, etc.)
  3. Necessary repairs to ensure the home/building is still safely livable are permitted prior to an adjuster coming out to inspect.
  4. If a restoration company is needed, you may arrange to have someone come out to start mitigation work and cleanup. We have a list of trusted restoration companies.
  5. Please contact our office, or if it is after hours, you may contact the carrier directly to report the claim.  We can discuss your deductible and coverage at that time.
  6. If contents were damaged, try to make an itemized list of the items and their prices.  If receipts are available, save them. 
  7. In the event of a theft, report to the local authorities so it is on record formally.  Make an inventory of all missing items.

Workers Compensation         

  1. Be sure to obtain all personal information for the employee such as their best contact phone number, their address, date of birth and social security number.
  2. Gather any information for witnesses to the injury as the adjuster may want to take a statement from them.
  3. Have employee provide names of doctors or hospitals they have treated at for the injury prior to the claim being reported so the adjuster can get the records and invoices, if necessary.
  4. If the employee has been out of work due to their injury, be sure to record the dates and times they have missed.
  5. Contact our office to report the claim or you may contact the carrier directly.
  6. The adjuster will be in contact with you and the employee to gather information within one business day.

General Liability

  1. Be sure to obtain all personal information of the claimant such as their best contact phone number and their address.
  2. Gather any information for witnesses to the injury or property damage as the adjuster may want to take a statement from them.
  3. If there is a hazardous condition that may have caused the injury or property damage, please take photos.
  4. If possible, fill out an incident report so it is formally documented.
  5. Please contact our office to report the claim.